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Internet of Things (list)

The “Internet of Things” is a big enough topic to deserve its own list of interesting blogs, sites, and a list of “to do” items that I intended to get to. See also the more general list of sites, blots, and vendors in the ‘bot space, maintained elsewhere on this blog: https://iseebots.com/lists. This list is a complement to my posts on this topic: October 9, 2010.

News and Analyst sites

  • ReadWriteWeb: have a dedicated IoT “channel


  • http://zachshelby.org: “On the Internet of Things: Zach Shelby is a co-founder and Head of Research of Sensinode, a leading IP-based WSN company based in Finland. His vision is that the physcial Internet - The Internet of Things, is the next big frontier in telecommunications.” Includes a list of other blogs…
  • http://florian-michahelles.blogspot.com: “Mobile Internet of Things Blog”
  • http://www.webofthings.com: “It is an alternative vision to what the Web of tomorrow will look like. It’s about taking the Web as we know it and extending it so that anyone can plug devices to it. It’s basically about giving eyes, ears, and all kinds of sensory appendixes located worldwide to it. It’s about seamlessly connecting the physical world with the virtual.”
  • ReadWriteWeb’s list of 10 IoT Blogs to keep an eye on:

Miscellaneous articles

Sites I intend to spend some time on at some point (but maybe you’ll get to them first?) and other to-do items

Watch O’Reilly’s keynote on this topic. Get some of my own devices to show up on pachube.

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