What makes a “thing” a “thing” (in the IoT), anyway? (11/6/2013)

(Originally posted on November 6, 2013) I feel that someone should attempt to define what a “thing” in the Internet of Things is, but I’m not sure it’s going to be me. Still, at the start of all this, I did toss out a simple capability-based definition, but I’m wondering if the time might beContinue reading “What makes a “thing” a “thing” (in the IoT), anyway? (11/6/2013)”

More on device updates: it’s harder than it looks (11/6/2013)

(Originally posted on November 6, 2013) I writ large rambling the other day regarding my own hands-on experience with cascading failures due to, among other things, the perils of pushing large, complex, irreversible, and required updates to IoT appliances – such as “Connected TVs” and the like. In order to try to move the ballContinue reading “More on device updates: it’s harder than it looks (11/6/2013)”

On cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things)… and woesome device updates (11/3/2013)

(Originally posted on November 3, 2013) Over at GigaOm, Mike Harris, CEO of Zonoff, kicks off a survey of recent “Connected TV” efforts with this comment: “But how will the connected home make the jump from a favorite toy of the tech elite or a status symbol of the wealthy to be a ubiquitous technologyContinue reading “On cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things)… and woesome device updates (11/3/2013)”

life imitates game (2/27/2011)

(Originally posted on February 27, 2011) I’m not sure whether this is impressive, surprising, or just cynically ironic… but: what happens when you combine the competitiveness of online gaming with meatspace motion sensors and connected devices? You get: GreenGoose! With GreenGoose (presumably you can blame the name on the mess that is the .com namespace)Continue reading “life imitates game (2/27/2011)”

Blog topic: “The Internet of Somethings” and “G-Force”(the movie) (PLOT SPOILERS) (12/24/2010)

(Originally posted on December 24, 2010) The opportunity to comment on how The Internet of Things is portrayed by Hollywood doesn’t come along often. I hereby lay down a prediction in this post that when Hollywood does speak on this topic, it will always involve an deranged gazillionaire. Here’s my first point of evidence. InContinue reading “Blog topic: “The Internet of Somethings” and “G-Force”(the movie) (PLOT SPOILERS) (12/24/2010)”

Net Neutrality and the Connected Home? (updated) (12/5/2010)

(Originally posted on December 5, 2010) Buried in last week’s net neutrality proposal by the FCC was an interesting tidbit about the connected home. As you may know, the controversial proposal put forth a requirement that all broadband providers allow their customers to access all (legal) online content. You are probably thinking, “I thought theyContinue reading “Net Neutrality and the Connected Home? (updated) (12/5/2010)”

100 Devices (11/9/2010)

(originally published on November 9, 2010) Imagine that at some point in the not-too-distant future, you’re the owner of a ‘smart’ house, which, you’re told, contains 100 smart devices. That’s a lot, you think to yourself. What are they all doing?? Here’s an plausible inventory: Security devices: one device per window, to detect open/close/breakage, andContinue reading “100 Devices (11/9/2010)”


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